Current types of tourism

There is a variety of different and attractive tours on the Bay. Tourists can choose their favorite tour to visit popular caves, grottoes and beautiful islands.

- Travelling by boat: tourists can go to Ha Long Bay to view the landscape, visit the caves and grottoes and relax and go swimming on the sandy beaches of the limestone islands.

- Kayaking
: a romantic and adventurous kind of tourism. A large boat carries small inflatable canoes or “kayaks” to deserted, almost unknown areas of the Bay. Visitors can paddle by themselves to explore remote wild islands and caves.

- Cultural – historical tourism: tours for people interested in culture and archaeology. They stay a longer time in Ha Long to visit archaeological remains, study tangible and intangible culture and experience the beautiful land and seascapes, along with the outstanding geological and historical sites.

- Eco-tourism on Ha Long Bay: visitors can visit isolated ecosystems with beautiful sandy beaches, tidal flats, mangroves, coastal wetlands and coral reefs.